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100% Propaganda

In school you are almost forced to say the pledge...think about what it says. One nation under god if it was changed to once a nation under god but now under darwin and what about liberty and justice for all if that was changed to liberty and justice for the rich then hey thats somethin i would repeat to myself every day! If the goverment told us the truth we would have more freedom right? SO many things can be said about vietnam war and why we fought in it. And does saddam hussien exist? I have never seen him besides on tv?

Peace Punk/Anarchy

Peace Punk/Anarchy forever. Anarchy is against the goverment and peace punk is for peace in its self thats just a basic of it. Relize how if there wasn't a goverment who would fight in wars or start them? When we think freedom is it supposed to mean liberty? Everyone for peace punk/anarchy!

What Peace Punk/Anarchy Is (not my page)

What I stand For

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